Christmas in Blaine County [YMAP] 3.0


Hey, everyone, this is my first attempt at making a public YMAP for Christmas in sandy shores hopefully you enjoy! All criticism is welcome if it is constructive.


Added decorations around Paleto Bay including, the Police stations exterior and interior, added a Christmas tree in the Paleto Markets, Added decorations around the bay medical center, added decorations to the fire station and bank.

Added decorations to the Chumash area including multiple houses with snowmen and Christmas lights and the great ocean highway fleeca bank


V1 - Initial Release 16/11/2018
V2 - Updated 19/11/2018
V3 - Updated 21/11/2018


**Install Instructions**
Step 1. Open , OpenIV.

Step 2. Once in OpenIV navigate to Mods -> Update -> x64 -> dlcpacks.

Step 3. Download the ymap converter linked above in "Requirements" once downloaded open the file and navigate to "Example DLC Pack" once inside you should see a file called "custom_maps".

Step 4. Go back into OpenIV and drag the "custom_maps" file into mods -> Update -> x64 -> dlcpacks.

Step 5. You now need to add "custom_maps" to your dlclist.xml file which can be located in mods -> update -> update.rpf -> common -> data than locate "dlclist.xml" right click it and click edit then scroll down to the bottom and add "dlcpacks:/custom_maps/" above "".

Step 6. You now need to navigate back to mods -> Update -> x64 -> dlcpack and open custom_maps -> dlc.rpf -> x64 -> levels -> gta5 -> _citye -> maps -> custom_maps.rpf and drag xmas.ymap in.

Step 7. You should now be able to launch GTA5 and have the YMAP

If you are having troubles check out this video by Teaching Hub

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