Franklin doomsday heist (YMAP\Map Editor\Map Builder\Vehicles Persistence) 7.0



I can't speak English. This is Google's translation. This is the first time I used a map editor to do a map mod.

My vision of this map is to design the Franklin mansion as a zombie base, a poisonous lair, a secret base for spies, and let players use it.

This map adds Franklin's luxury facilities as follows:

The part of the mansion: 4 aprons, armed personnel, radar posts, and imminent defensive weapon systems (military and police helicopters will be hit by missiles, provided that the military and police have to fire first.)

Bunker part:

In the No. 1 facility there are: Franklin’s private rooms, lounges, shooting range, vault (with two vaults, one valuable gold, diamonds, and one printing press.)

Warfare Center (Control Room, Tactical Team War Room, Force Special War Room, Meeting Room, Studio.) Material Area (Stores and Material Distribution Area)

The drug factory and drug consignment area, the munitions factory and the arsenal, as well as the modified parking lot and the No. 3 No. 4 facility are connected.

The No. 2 facility is a heavy-duty motorcycle garage.

No. 3 facility is a luxury sports car garage

The 4th facility is an armed vehicle garage

No. 5 facility is a vertical flight vehicle hangar

The 6th facility is an aircraft hangar

The 7th facility is an underground runway

The 8th facility is a simple dock

The 9th facility is an underwater escape exit



Afterdecompressing , There are three main files, Ymap file and map editor, as well as Vehicles Persistence, and the update in ymap is placed in the mods folder. If not, create one.

Due to the update of Map Builder Community SP, some materials disappeared in mapbuilder.

This makes some of the old maps not available for mapbuilder after the Map Builder community SP update, so no mapbuilder coverage is saved, saving some players from using other old maps.

If you do not have Map Builder Community SP installed, please go to the installation first, otherwise you will lose the airstrip and some vehicle entrances and exits in the map. The selection of this map is a new and old version of the common material, the mapbuilder of the new and old Map Builder Community SP can be used.

Map Builder Community SP:

After installing Map Builder Community SP, install Vehicles Persistence.

Vehicles Persistence:

If Vehicles Persistence is not installed, there will be no vehicles other than the No. 8 facility, nor can you freely customize the vehicle, and you will not be able to keep your favorite vehicles in the bunker.

I use the vehicle files I provided, which I used to test, and could not be produced.

Extract your game's update.rpf and put it in mods \update.

Open OpenIV and follow the path: mods\update\update.rpf\ common\ data

Open the dlclist.xml file and add the following line of text:


After installing the map editor, From the map editor file, select the file you like. files thrown into the game directory to open the game.

Enter the game, open the Map Editor, and click Load Map in the XML options

Since ymap doesn't seem to support the conversion of vehicles, people, and transfer points, I split the map into two parts. Therefore, the map of ymap and map editor, which lacks one of them, will lead to incomplete maps, so pay special attention to this when installing.

About the preservation of vehicles, and bugs that are known to be unsolvable.

- After entering the game, it is best to load the map first. The ymap is very unstable. Any transmission or any character crossing the ground will cause the vehicle to fall or fall and the vehicle to shift.

- Please keep the vehicle files back up after your vehicle is saved. Once the vehicle is moved or damaged, the re-reading will not be in the original position, and the damaged vehicle will not be produced due to re-reading.

- If the modifier sets the vehicle to be invincible, the vehicle invincible status attribute will be retained. Ask me? I don't know why... In short, the bunker attack test was discovered during the blasting. Turning off the invincible and saving the vehicle will return to normal.

It has F-35, F-22, M1A2 and Apache. Hummer with military parts on it.
By Replaced Hydra P-996, Rhino, HVY Insurgent, Savage helicopters , and you will become a formal US vehicle equipment.

You will find it here:

You can get wanted at the Franklin mansion .


- Added Map Builder Community SP props, and Vehicles Persistence.

- Renovation of the runway for take-off and landing, and the interior doors of the bunker vehicle entrance and exit using the Map Builder Community SP. Since the Map Builder Community SP update, some of the material disappeared in the mapbuilder.

As a result, the new map cannot be shared with the old map. Therefore, the individual does not provide the mapbuilder file to prevent conflicts between the old and new versions. Please download and install the Map Builder Community SP. The material I chose is jointly owned by the mapbuilder of the new and old Map Builder Community SP.

Therefore, both the new and old version of mapbuilder can be installed and used.

- Take advantage of the powerful features of Vehicles Persistence, giving players the freedom to modify custom bunker vehicles and freely modify them, including the player's own add-on vehicle. Therefore the bunker is empty and there are no vehicles. I do not take the initiative to provide vehicles.

Of course, if you want, there is still. Only the vehicles I provide, some of which are my own vehicles. These added vehicles may not appear if you don't have them. This is to increase the stability of the add-on vehicles in the bunker, so the vehicle part Also packaged and placed.

After my computer test, there are about 67 to 71 vehicles in the bunker. More than one of my own computers will be stuck. Please consider the number of vehicles according to your own computer.

In addition, the map editor is still used to designate the vehicle because the transfer point transfer causes the water vehicle to drift around.

- Add two transfer points for helicopters, jet skis, submarines to the sea and the seaports of the Alamo Sea and the Alamo Sea, allowing players to travel to the Alamo Sea and the open sea.

(already uploaded. pending administrator approval)


- In response to the requirements and tips of wangsihan players, the version is changed to YMAP+ map editing, which reduces the consumption of computer hardware and makes the map play more smoothly.

- Increased the number of characters to choose from.

In each of the four situational modes, each of the four different bunker personnel is added to each of the situational modes, and a total of 16 maps are available for the player to select.

- Added night lighting inside the base facility No. 1.

Other trivial and sporadic modifications are not mentioned here.


I can't speak English. It's still a Google translator. If you can't read it, I can't help it. This is the limit of my ability.

Partial modifications were made to cut off an apron, a competitive shooting range, and decorations for vehicles and luxury homes. In addition to the rooftops and connecting rooftop stairs, radar posts, approaching weapons systems, and entrances to and exits from the bunker, the luxury homes were decorated inside and outside the mansion. The rest resumed its original appearance.

And increased the armed forces within the characters and bunkers.

The number of map documents has been increased by one, and the pattern of partial map separation has been changed to four situation models.


I don't speak English. This is still Google's translation. Fixed a bug in the stacking of the map. The object that caused Pier 8 to disappear.

After I uploaded the 4.1 version, I did some reading tests. This map seems to be too big. As a result, some objects may not be generated when loading.

When loading Ezio, it's best to go near the Pier 8. Go to the map editor. Then raise your view position. Then go loading. This might solve the problem.

I will start some projects to eliminate unnecessary items. To ensure that this map can be completely read.


I can't speak English. This is still Google's translation. If you look at what I wrote down to describe what is being updated, you might as well look at the bird's-eye view I uploaded.

Ps: This map is very large. The largest Ezio has more than two thousand objects. EEE07 has more than a thousand objects. Please wait patiently.


You can see it in my newly uploaded video. I will not say anything else


ncrease English translation instructions



I fix some problem with the bunker.

so I add a an bunker, Bunker with vehicles, nothing else.

This map will be continue revised and not regularly updated until I have conceived the Franklin doomsday heist look.

Five apron with Armed, No bunker.


















由於Map Builder社區SP的更新,一些材料在mapbuilder中消失了。

這使得一些舊地圖在Map Builder社區SP更新後無法用於mapbuilder,因此不會保存地圖構建器覆蓋範圍,從而使一些玩家無法使用其他舊地圖。

如果您沒有安裝Map Builder社區SP,請先進行安裝,否則您將失去飛機跑道以及地圖中的一些車輛入口和出口。選擇此地圖是常用材料的新舊版本,可以使用新舊Map Builder社區SP的地圖生成器。

Map Builder社區SP:

安裝Map Builder社區SP後,安裝Vehicles Persistence。




提取遊戲的update.rpf並將其放入mods \ update中。

打開OpenIV並按照路徑:mods \ update \ update.rpf \ common \ data


dlcpacks:\ custom_maps \ Item>


進入遊戲,打開Map Editor,然後單擊XML選項中的Load Map



- 進入遊戲後,最好先加載地圖。 ymap非常不穩定。任何穿越地面的傳輸或任何角色都會導致車輛跌落或車輛移位。

- 保存車輛後,請保留車輛檔案。一旦車輛移動或損壞,重新讀取將不在原始位置,並且由於重新讀取而不會產生損壞的車輛。

- 如果修改器將車輛設置為無敵,則將保留車輛無敵狀態屬性。問我?我不知道為什麼......總之,在爆破過程中發現了地堡攻擊測試。關閉無敵並拯救車輛將恢復正常。

通過更換Hydra P-996,Rhino,HVY Insurgent,Savage直升機,您將成為正式的美國汽車設備。





-增加了Map Builder Community SP的道具,和Vehicles Persistence。

-利用Map Builder Community SP翻修了飛機起降的跑道,和地堡車輛出入口內部的門。由於Map Builder Community SP更新之後,有部分材料在mapbuilder裡消失。

導致新地圖跟舊地圖無法銜接共用,因此個人不提供mapbuilder文件,防止新舊版的衝突,請自行下載安裝Map Builder Community SP。本人選用的材料是新舊版Map Builder Community SP的mapbuilder共同擁有。

-利用了Vehicles Persistence的強大功能,使玩家們能夠自由的去改自定義地堡的車輛並自由改裝,包括玩家自己的添加式車輛在內。因此地堡內是空的,沒有任何車輛。本人不主動提供載具。















修正了地圖在堆疊時產生的Bug 造成8號碼頭的物件消失 有任何這張地圖上物件缺損 歡迎反應 我會立即處理

















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