Helicopter Crash at Vinewood hill 1.0

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Hello guys !!

This is a map rapresenting a Helicopter crash at Vinewood Hill, involving also two cars.
The interesting features you'll find in the map :
- A really detailed scene, from the forklift ready to load the crashed car to the police questioning the witnesses
-More than 40 people on the scene (Paparazzi, Cops, Workers and more...)
-Place to land with the Helicopter to transport the wounded to the hospital, will you be able to land safe and sound ? Maybe during a thunderstorm ;)

LOCATION --> at Vinewood fill, near the BIG ANTENNA on the top of the hill

°Features in the next update : °
* more props will be added
* more lights will be added for better night illumination
* more vehicles will be added
* ...

Simply put the XML in the .rar, in your GTA V main directory

Open Map Editor (using F7)
go to "Load New Map" --> "File Chooser" --> select " HelicarCrash "
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