Happiness Island [Add-On] 2.0 Hotfix

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Not really much to be said about this mod, just a convert of happiness island from GTA IV with GTA V props in it to make it look up to date to "modern" standards

- Doesn't glow at night
- GTA V props
- Main interior as MLO instance
- Semi-working lights
- Instanced grass
- Car generators
- Distant lights

- Replace most of the instanced grass with furgrass
- Make the outdoor lights actually appear properly on the ground when turned on

- Inital release
- Added MLO interior
- Added lights
- Added working car generators
- Added instanced grass

2.0 Hotfix
- Reduced ridiculous dlc.rpf size from about 1.2GB to 38MB (Defragmenting is great, lol)

- Place "happiness" in (mods\)update\x64\dlcpacks
- Add a dlc line following the same format as all other ones with 'happiness' as the name (see the readme/install text document for the exact line)

- Recommended: Install ryanm2711's Flatten Water script

Rockstar Games - Models
Dexyfex - Codewalker and OpenMapTools
FiveM - Model Conversion Tool
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