Forest House in the Wilderness [FINAL]


I am glad to introduce to you the dream of any hermit and gardener - A house by the pond far from civilization! Living in it will not be very convenient, but to come and rest a few days will be just wonderful! All this building was shot on video, and you can see how it was from beginning to end. More you can see in the video, which is added together with screenshots.

To install this type you will need:
Object list 10k
Open IV (not necessary)
MapEditor (very must)

Download and open the file. Move the file to the root folder "ForestHouse" games GTA 5. After entering the game, press F7 and select the "download", then choose "XML","search" ,and enter the name of the map - ForestHouse . After loading the map, go to the lake. (shown in the screenshot).
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