Blaine County Bank Map - Ultra Security and Peds in Lines 1.0


Blaine County Savings Bank Map - Ultra Security and Peds in Lines (aka Paleto Bay Bank - Extra Populated)

- To see the full bank map preview from every corner, check my linked video at 1:48
- Including: 3 waiting lines of 3 Peds and 3 bankmans (12 Calm Peds) and 6 Guards from almost every corner of the bank (18 Peds total in that small room haha)
- Spawn it using Map Editor:
- Download DLC Criminal World, recommended mod with this:
So you can actually rob the bank and do your best to survive :D

- All guards and agents are armed with only pistols, like real guards actually do in real life.
- If you think that is easy - Try to rob it when 6 guards from all your sides starts to shoot you at the same time without godmod :D
- I made this map for my video but I decided to share it with you all - as always, and this map with Criminal World DLC is real challange... So tryout your skills here

Have fun, challange yourself, check out my video if you have time, it would mean a lot to me and Enjoy the mod!
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